Paint Protection Nano Coating

Paint Protection Nano Coating

Are you looking for an optimum solution to ensure your vehicle stays looking new? If you were to choose a single thing to focus on to keep your exterior looking amazingly new all of the time what would it be? The Paint! Not only does it cover the majority of the exterior surface of your car, but it is also what stands out, shines, and wows everyone else around.

There are some amazing rims out there of course (and we even have specific coatings for wheels to protect against brake dust, windshield glass, plastic surfaces, convertible tops, interior leathers, and fabrics…) but you can’t deny the power of an amazing paint job that’s well taken care of! We’re willing to bet you already know this. That’s why you’re here at SR International and that’s why you are interested in Paint Protection!


This is the finest automotive titanium coating on the planet in regards to car paint. CS-II Titanium Coating is the next generation of protective coating for automotive surfaces. The extremely long-lasting crystal…


CS-II International presents a new generation of car paint protection product called “Ceramic Coating” that uses cutting edge nano technology. CS-II Ceramic Coating is a semi-permanent ceramic coating which…

What is Paint Protection Coating?

Paint Protection Coating is precisely what it sounds like – a protective coating for your car’s paint! But we don’t offer some boring coating that the average Joe might imagine… SR International is quite advanced! Our coatings have been formulated from the ground up off of recent advances in nano technology to seal and protect your paint while also providing quite a beautiful and functional “super hydrophobic” effect that you’ll love!

What are the benefits of Paint Protection Coating?

1) No more waxing or polishing for years!
2) Long lasting, easy to clean surface!
3) Anti-dirt & graffiti!
4) A Self-cleaning effect!
5) Permanent protection!

What Paint Protection Coating do you offer?

Paint Protection is where we shine here at SR International! It is what we’re known for – and that’s why we offer our innovative CS-II paint protection coatings that always leave the competition in the dust! CS-II is absolutely your best solution for protecting and sealing your vehicle!

CS-II only manufactures the highest quality detailing products to enhance the finish of your vehicle by making the paint look deeper, richer, and more glossy than ever. Whether you choose our new cutting-edge Ceramic Coating or our “next generation” Titanium Coating… you can rest assured you’ll be very satisfied with the super hydrophobic effect, the superior protection, and the smooth shine!

REMEMBER: Paint is vulnerable to environmental factors: Once a car exits the assembly plant, its paint is subjected to harsh conditions. Through regular use, it will endure scratches from flying debris and other environmental factors. Bugs, tree sap, bee poop, acid rain, and bird droppings wear away the car paint through chemical reactions. In order to remove the above surface contaminants one should clean the car regularly, but frequent cleaning without proper technique and protection on the paint will cause the paint to thin and wear.

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