Ceramic Car Coating in Calgary

If you are looking for a reputable business that does Ceramic Car Coating in Calgary and treats every single vehicle that comes through the door like their own… then you’re going to love SR International! We specialize in the absolute highest quality of paint protection coating services that will bring out the best look in your new or used vehicle AND keep it looking that way!

What is a Ceramic Car Coating?

It is, quite simply, exactly what it sounds like. We have all seen how incredibly well those ceramic frying pans work and how nothing you put on them seems to stick… well why wouldn’t someone want to apply those properties to their beautiful vehicle? Not only does applying a ceramic coating keep your car’s paint visibly protected from all of the outside dirty and contaminants, but it also seals your car paint’s current condition away so that it stays perfect for years!

What are the benefits of Ceramic Car Coating?

Other than the obvious benefit of having a vehicle that’s so much easier to clean and keep clean… you will eventually notice that the resale value of your vehicle is going to be much better. When potential buyers find out that you’ve had SR International coat it with a CS-II product like Ceramic they’re sure to be willing to pay more for it! Nobody wants a car that looks like it hasn’t been properly cared for.

Why should I choose SR International?

All of our coatings, including our ceramic car coatings, have been formulated from the ground up off of recent advances in nano technology to seal and protect your car or truck paint while also providing quite a beautiful and functional “super hydrophobic” effect that you’ll love! Paint protection is where we shine here at SR International! It is what we are best known for and a quick look around our website or any of our social media will prove that to you. We offer CS-II and Nano-1 paint protection coatings that are second to none!

CS-II only manufactures the absolute highest quality detailing products to help enhance the finish of your car, truck, or SUV by making the paint look deeper, richer, and more glossy than ever before. Whether you choose our new cutting-edge Ceramic Coating or perhaps an upgrade to our “next generation” Titanium Coating… you can rest assured you’ll be very satisfied with the super hydrophobic effect, the superior protection, and the smooth shine!

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We’re located at 3904 3a St NE #105 in Calgary Alberta and would love for you to stop in and get to know us.¬† We can’t wait to meet you!